Natural therapy for flexibility, relaxation and energy balance: Thai massage is yoga and massage together.

Thai Massage is ideal when your body is asking you for a stretch, for balance, for meditative movement, within complete comfort.

Cristobal's Massage - Thai Massage Sarasota

Thai massage balances the body's need for movement and stretching, while producing feelings of well-being and happiness, and a sense of satisfying connection between body and mind.

Cristobal's Massage: Sarasota Massage Therapy

Thai Massage can be compared to a rhythmic dance in which your body is rejuvenated and exercised through precise pressure and stretching along the Meridians, Sen lines, or Nadis in your body.

A completely different experience from the traditional Western massage techniques, you will feel your body enlivened, and your mind relaxed.  Regular sessions of Thai bodywork can quickly restore good muscle tone, and balance amongst muscles.

Thai Massage is performed on a Thai mat, wearing loose and confortable clothing.   No oils or creams are used.

$95/60 minutes, $140/90 minutes