Cristobal's Massage Sarasota Philosophy

At Cristobal's Massage Sarasota our practice is based on three basic principles:
  • Providing undivided attention to you, the client.
  • Offering a serene and peaceful environment, with exclusive dedication to massage therapy.
  • Practicing massage therapy with the understanding that a massage therapy treatment should always be RELAXING, and in COMPLETE CONFORT.
  • Using only the best massage products, and the purest essential oils
We believe that these three basics give us the best chance for achieving results. At Cristobal's Massage Sarasota we belief in the healing power of Massage Therapy.

Cristobal's Massage Sarasota Reviews

L. Sonnenschein

Amazing massage! Forget about the price, he is worth whatever he charges. I will recommend him to all my friends and colleagues from Central Florida. Can't wait to get another massage.


P. Decker

I seriously injured my hip flexor muscles while trying to lift a commercial lawnmower off its operator. After a week of intense pain and barely being able to walk, I received a full body massage, with emphasis on the hip flexors, by Chris. The relief was almost immediate, allowing me to function pain free while stretching and exercising to fully heal the muscles over the ensuing months.  Chris has excellent knowledge and skills as well as very strong hands/arms. The atmosphere is pleasant and parking is not a problem.


T. McCormack

I have been going to Christobal's Massage for over 4 years. I started with Chris, the owner, after Liposuction Surgery (he was recommended by my doctor).  From day one I've been totally pleased with his services.  As you know, Lipo is incredibly invasive with a great deal of pain from "raw nerve endings". He was able to alleviate most of the pain and he dispelled scar tissues. I totally recommend his services, and would suggest them to anyone who wants to enjoy a great massage.


M. & K. Roberts

Fabulous deep tissue and combination massages by Cristobal and Tina.  As good as it gets. Terrific massages, nice folks. Go & enjoy! Highest recommendation.  Cannot wait to go back

M. Cohen

My friend and I went here after finishing the Gator Half Ironman Triathlon in Bradenton. Probably the best massage I've ever had. The place was incredibly clean, Cristobal was very friendly and polite, and he knew exactly what type of massage to prescribe for our sore bodies after the Ironman.


L. Wolf

BEST Massage I've ever had! Friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating, relaxing. I went in with a migraine and left feeling relaxed & refreshed. I recommend the 90 minute combination massage. It is worth every penny! Cristobal is a master of his trade. GO!!!.


S. Morgan

Amazing massage experience! What he does with his hands is incredible! I have had a lot of massages and this is truly the best massage I have ever had!


R. Osorio

I've been coming to Christobal's for years. He gives the best massages in town! I teach Zumba and have a two year old son, so I'm always stressed or sore. He's the only person who knows how to give a true deep tissue massage. His place is beautiful, and I appreciated his extra large table when I was over weight after the baby. He uses hot rocks and heating pads if you need it, which I usually do. You will never get a massage from anywhere else after you go there. :)


S. Richards

A few months ago I was under a dark cloud and had trouble staying asleep at night. A wise friend gave me a gift certificate to Cristobal's Massage and I ended up making it routine. Their TLC and Healing touch is like no other, and truly helped me through my deep sadness. The tightness in my shoulders and back, which I once thought was normal is now rare. My new normal is "relatively flexible" and sleeping through the night. I consider my appointments a treat and a necessity. Thank you!!!


S. McCarthy

I have had a few massges from Cristobal in sarasota, he is amazing! I am a massage therapist myself and have had many massages in my life, if you are looking for a very therapeutic massage, he is great! He has a very professional manner, his space is clean, quiet and located on beautiful St. Armands circle so you can go for a walk on Lido Beach afterwards and just relish in the looseness and relaxation you feel! If you have pain or tighness and you like it deep and energetic you will not be dissapointed. You can also ask for a gentler more swedish style. Enjoy!


J. Simon

I went to see Cristobal because I had a neck pain that was keeping me from enjoying my vacation here in Sarasota. Cristobal gave me such a wonderful massage, very relaxing, and the neck pain was gone!! Fantastic massage: I felt brand new!!


R. Walker

Fantastic, great to have a massage here!


Margo L.

Cristobal is a great massage therapist. I'm a triathlete, and Cristobal has been really helpful in keeping me in great shape. His sports massages are superb, effective, and relaxing


P. and M. D.

The couples massage at Cristobal's is sensational!.


Dory T.

Me and my husband love competing in triathlons.   Chris is sensational in making the recovery process much shorter.   We really appreciate his help.

A. Williams

I enjoy long rides on my bicycle every weekend, and I go to Chris afterwards. He make me feel like new.

H. Jones

Chris has been helping me with my right rotator cuff.   I play tennis, and I almost quit, weren't for Christobal's help. By the way, he plays great tennis himself!

Cindy W.

I play golf a lot, but I couldn't do it without Chris.   Chris understands the golf swing and his stretches have helped me play better, and feel a lot better!

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